Lib Tech x Lost Swordfish Surfboard Review

Ian reviews the Lib Tech x Lost Swordfish surfboard:… The Lib tech Surfboards X Lost K A Swordfish surfboard has landed! Described as ‘the best alternative board ever’ by the surfer who inspired it, Kolohe Andino its a smash…

Lib Tech x Lost Swordfish Surfboard Review



Ian reviews the Lib Tech x Lost Swordfish surfboard:…

The Lib tech Surfboards X Lost K A Swordfish surfboard has landed!

Described as ‘the best alternative board ever’ by the surfer who inspired it, Kolohe Andino its a smash hit already. The Swordfish matches the wave catching and speed of a fish and combines this with the high performance desires of one of the world’s best performance surfers. Make no mistake this is a board for everyone and anyone, you dont need to be a pro to really enjoy it. Its a fast, hard turning, great paddling rocket fish that will work in waves from waist to overheard and doesn’t mind a few bumps and a bit of wind. If you’re looking for a board to sit above your groveller and below your performance shortboard the K A Swordfiish a is a really good option to consider. The board packs good volume but its all in the right place, right where you need it under your chest. The rails are medium and not boxy so it engages the rail very fast meaning lots of spray and lots of fun. Fin wise its mostly ridden as a thruster, the Kolohe signature fin would be a good choice naturally, otherwise consider the FCS II Carver, or the taylor made Lib Tech thruster set.

Could surfboard construction Nirvana actually be here?

As surfers we’ve all dreamed about owning a high performance surfboard with all the positive attributes of a traditional PU board but with none of the inherent fragility that comes with this construction.

Lib Tech are about to change everything you know about surfboards and everything you thought was possible in surfboard construction.

Using 31 brand-new components to the surf industry and calling on 30 years of experience constructing environmentally friendly surfboards, skateboards and snowboards, it was inevitable that Lib Tech were going to produce some remarkable surfboards using this ground breaking, environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Each of the Lib Tech surfboards is handcrafted in the USA with an unwavering focus on building THE toughest high performance surfboards in the world with a commitment to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

The construction process uses a Nitrogen cell Foam (25-40% recycled content) core for maximum strength and pop. The foam is closed cell, completely waterproof and won’t absorb water.
Hexzylon Fibre Foam Skin, this is a smooth, strong, impact and ding resistant layer with the signature Hex pattern.
Next comes the unique Woven Basalt Fibre which is additive free super strong and resists heel dents.
The Bio-Matrix Resin is super strong and environmentally friendly with the best flex qualities of traditional PU and a longer lifespan than Epoxy.

Lib Tech surfboards are fitted with the lightest and toughest fin boxes on the market. They also use Sprock Blocks at the tail to add even more durability to the most fragile areas on the board. Even the leash plug has been given the same attention with 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminium pins and lightweight fibre composite cups.

Look out for a new innovation too, the BRB, Bottle Rocket Rails are the latest innovation, made from recylced polythene bottles this new feature guarantees smooth riding and brings improved impact resistance. “Since I first saw Lib Tech’s ECO ISO construction, I wanted to build a board with it. The strength to weight ratio, eco minded materials and techniques, and the fact that this tech was being built in the USA was incredibly interesting to me. I am stoked that the time has finally come and hope people enjoy riding them as we have enjoyed building them.” – Matt Biolos

Boardshop is happy to consider trading in your old board against a new board, we alos offer 0% finance, so If you have any questions about this we’d be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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